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About Us

About Us

Launched in Australia back in 2001, Blade Recruitment is a specialised media sales and media agency recruitment consultancy. Blade Recruitment’s success can be attributed to the two company director’s media background: with a combined history of 40+ years experience both Mark Hall-Smith and Taryn Hall-Smith have worked in the media sales industry themselves, not only in Australia but in London too.

‘We  have a unique approach to the very important business of recruiting the right staff within the media sales and advertising industries – because we have actually worked in the roles we are recruiting for and we have recruited our own teams within that media arena. This makes us a true specialist in our field.’  Mark Hall-Smith, Managing Director

Blade Recruitment takes a boutique approach. As both directors have considerable experience in recruiting and being recruited within the media market, they are well versed in the many things that the recruitment consultancy industry does well and likewise, the things it could improve upon.

‘All too often it’s easier to take a volume approach and throw lots of candidates at a role in the hope that one will be a ‘fit’ or to force a round peg (the candidate) to fit into a square hole (the brief/company). We prefer to follow a different approach.’ Taryn Hall-Smith, Company Director

Our approach can be summarised in three get-to-the-point steps:

  • listen to, learn and fully understand the brief and the company culture
  • source candidates that have the required skill set, experience and personality
  • handle all parties with diligence and professionalism