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Blade only recruits candidates for media sales and media agency jobs. Which other recruiter in the media/adverting/sales space can provide that purity of specialisation?

Each of the two directors have now been working in media sales and recruiting in the media market for well over 20 years. That is unrivalled specialisation in a recruitment sector where most recruiters claim expertise with very little real life involvement to back it up.

When you, the employer, decide to use a recruitment consultant it is usually for two reasons:

  • We have a better network of qualified and already assessed potential recruits than you do.We recruit all day every day and are the experts on how to attract and secure (for you) the best available candidate in the media sales marketWe can do this because we are able to talk to candidates who are not actively looking for a new job; candidates not scouring job boards and bombarding the employers with resumes, often with backgrounds that are a long way away from your preferred ideal.
  • We provide a fast, efficient and highly professional service that allows hiring managers to focus their energy on their primary objective – managing their sales team.Due to our existing and constantly renewing candidate network, we can produce a high quality shortlist for you quickly and efficiently.‘Whilst simply being fast is by no means the most important measure, in the current business world, time is often of the essence for both HR and Sales Managers. Blade can quickly get the job done and let you get back to your main focus.’ Mark Hall-Smith, Managing Director.

Our major clients include Intermedia, JC Decaux, News Corp, Daily Mail, Nine Media, IDG, Concrete Playground, Octomedia et al. To find out more, read our testimonials.